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91105 Invisalign

If you have thought about orthodontic treatment in the past, but have been reluctant to get traditional metal braces, you’re not alone! Many adults prefer a more discreet method of care. Here at the office of Dr. Perkins and Dr. Santoro, we offer orthodontic treatment with 91105 Invisalign®[1]. Treatment with Invisalign aligners doesn’t rely on metal brackets and archwires, but is instead virtually invisible to the naked eye! At our office, we prioritize your treatment goals, while always keeping your level of comfort and convenience in mind. Making the most leading-edge treatment options available, from the essentials in routine preventive and pediatric care, to the highest quality emergency, restorative, implant and cosmetic services for your smile, you’ll be in excellent hands under the care of our experienced dentists.

91105 Invisalign

Soaring in popularity in more recent years, orthodontic treatment with 91105 Invisalign can help to correct your bite with one of the most discreet methods available today! Their sleek, inconspicuous design make it possible for patients to enjoy a bracket and wire-free smile at work, school and socializing! The key to Invisalign’s treatment success is rooted in the latest advances in digital imaging technology. By taking a digital impression of your smile, and using this data to construct a detailed 3D model of your bite, your dentist and the Invisalign laboratory can analyze your dentition with the utmost precision, simulating and selecting the best possible course of orthodontic treatment. Once prescribed, your sequence of clear plastic aligners will be fabricated to the exact specifications of your smile. Each set of clear aligners are completely BPA-free and contoured to the ridges and rises of your smile for a comfortable fit. Typically worn for approximately 2 weeks at a time, as you progress through your series of aligners, you teeth will be ushered gradually into their proper positions over time.

If you’d like to learn more about how orthodontic treatment with 91105 Invisalign can suit the needs of your lifestyle, plan on scheduling a consultation at the office of Dr. Perkins and Dr. Santoro today!

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[1] Invisalign is a registered trademark of Align Technology, Inc.