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Where Can I Find A Children’s Dentist In Pasadena?

Are you on the lookout for an experienced children’s dentist in Pasadena? At the office of Dr. Perkins and Dr. Santoro, their professional team is highly skilled in a broad range of dental services, from preventive and emergency care to the most advanced restorative and cosmetic treatments. Drs. Lawrence Perkins and Scott Santoro provide the full spectrum of general, family, and cosmetic dentistry. They have established a reputation for providing exceptional quality oral care to the Pasadena, Altadena, and Eagle Rock areas over the years, and invite you to come smile in their office! From teaching your children the best methods for maintaining their oral hygiene to providing emergency dental treatment for patients of all ages, the office of Dr. Perkins and Dr. Santoro is prepared to address the oral care needs of your entire family.

Children’s Dentist in Pasadena

Your children’s dentist in Pasadena knows how to make your kid’s oral care experience both fun and effective. By providing them with the necessary knowledge and techniques for establishing and maintaining excellent oral hygiene, your dentist helps to lay the foundation for a lifetime of continued oral health. Since cavities are the single most chronic disease among children, your children’s dentist in Pasadena supplements your kid’s at-home oral care with dental sealants as well as fluoride treatment. In keeping with the insights of the American Dental Association, sealants and fluoride are proven to be safe, effective methods for helping to protect and strengthen your children’s teeth against the harmful effects of acid erosion. Your dental hygienist provides teeth cleanings to professionally remove any hardened plaque that may have been missed. By bringing in your children every six months for routine checkups, your dentist can carefully monitor your children’s oral health, addressing any issues as they arise.

Beyond the health benefits of routinely scheduled checkups with your children’s dentist in Pasadena, studies have shown that consistent visits can help make your children feel more comfortable about dental treatment later in their adult life. To schedule your next appointment with an experienced dentist you can trust, call the office of Dr. Perkins and Dr. Santoro today.


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