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Pasadena Root Canal

Where can I find Pasadena root canal treatment?

When issues arise with the nerve of the tooth, your Pasadena root canal specialist is prepared to do everything possible to save it. For the exceptional quality care of an experienced restorative expert, contact the office of Perkins and Santoro. With a commitment to providing the most leading edge care for a sweeping range of dental services, they’ve got you covered whether you’re looking to replace missing teeth, straighten them with Invisalign, or restore that damaged tooth with root canal therapy.

Pasadena Root Canal

Most of the time, when the nerve of the tooth is damaged, be it from injury, infection, or decay, the tooth requires root canal therapy to be saved. Once damaged or decayed, the inside tissue of the tooth becomes susceptible to deep infection which can spread throughout the surrounding tissue, eventually resulting in the loss of the affected tooth if left untreated. Your Pasadena root canal specialist is an expert when it comes to restoring and saving teeth under these circumstances. Carefully clearing away decay and removing the damaged tissue, a root canal involves sealing the tooth back up with an inert, rubber-like material which prevents bacteria from entering. Topped off with a beautifully fabricated restoration, typically a filling or crown, the biting surfaces of the tooth can be expertly restored. Offering the most natural options, from tooth colored fillings to custom crowns, matched to the shade, shape, and proportions of your natural teeth, the experts at Perkins and Santoro can produce incredibly seamless results.

There are many reasons why patients require the care of their Pasadena root canal specialist, but the goal always remains the same: to preserve your natural teeth. One of the most commonly performed procedures, root canals are reportedly successful 95% of the time, and performed over 40 thousand times across the nation each day. To receive the comprehensive oral care you require, contact the experts at the office of Perkins and Santoro today.


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