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Emergency Dentist in Pasadena

Where can I find an emergency dentist in Pasadena ?

For an experienced emergency dentist in Pasadena, specially equipped to treat patients with a broad spectrum of dental issues, make the office of Perkins and Santoro your preferred choice. Providing the state-of-the-art in restorative, emergency, implant, and sedation dentistry, you’ll be in the very best of hands should the urgent need for dental care befall you or a loved one. Equipped with the foremost diagnostic and treatment technology, our compassionate staff provide prompt, gentle, and precise treatment, whether you’ve chipped a tooth, broken a denture, or are experiencing aching in your tooth or jaw.

Emergency Dentist in Pasadena

With trauma to a tooth of any magnitude, your emergency dentist in Pasadena will want to take a close look to make sure the vital tissue of your tooth hasn’t been damaged. Even when there is no visible change to a tooth that has experienced trauma, the delicate tissue deep inside can become inflamed or even infected, compromising the sustained health of the affected tooth. With a deep infection of this sort, it’s crucial that your emergency dentist in Pasadena provides root canal therapy to help rescue your tooth. Root canal therapy is a commonplace procedure, responsible for saving millions of teeth every year. It involves the precise removal of infected tissue from inside the tooth, and ends by protectively sealing the tooth back up to protect it from any further harm. Following root canal therapy, it’s common practice for your dentist to place a restorative filling or dental crown to reestablish the former appearance and performance of your tooth.

Your emergency dentist in Pasadena uses only the highest dental grade materials for restoring your smile. Whether you require fillings, custom crowns, dental bridges, or dental implants, you can expect the best quality results! If you’re in need of urgent dental treatment, contact the office of Perkins and Santoro to receive the prompt and effective care you deserve.

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